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  • The "Mitteilungsverfahren Kapitalertragsteuer auf Dividenden und Hinterlegungsscheine" is part of the AbzStEntModG published in June 2021

  • MiKaDiv is to be applied to capital inflows by paying (custodian) institutions from January 2025, according to § 45b and § 45c EStG

  • requires reporting to the German Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) via electronic interface (API) named ELMA5 for MiKaDiv mass submission

  • motivation: avoid cum-ex/cum-cum through more information and transparency at the BZSt

Understanding MiKaDiv

Types of data to be reported
General Data

Overall information required for the reporting process

Customer Data

Details such as account or custody account numbers, information about trustees

Chain of Custody

Information including Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and legal status

Securities Information

Data on capital income, number of securities

Depository Receipts

Details like ISIN of deposited securities, subscription ratios

Reporting requirements
Resident Taxpayers

reporting of additional information on the digital tax certificate as well as on the tax certificate

Non-resident Taxpayers

digital reporting instead of tax certificate

Notification of unissued tax certificate or not executed notifications
Exemption report

report of no or a not completely collected tax deduction

Understanding MiKaDiv
Position in the dividend payment chain

Illustration of the position and importance of MiKaDiv in the dividend payment chain.

Main challenge
Data from many different stakeholders must be aggregated

Illustration about the current confusion about reporting MiKaDiv data procurement.

Who is Divizend?

Divizend is a technology company that develops solutions for investments in dividend stocks and the associated tax issues.

Founded in  2020
20+ Employees  
Domiciled in Germany, with subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Singapore

Divizend’s origin
Streamlined, automated withholding tax refunds

Browser-based web platform

Highly intuitive user interface, designed to be customer-centric from day 1.

Proven with 10,000+ active users, running productively on app.divizend.com since 2021.

High adaptability proven by serving diverse customer spectrum (individuals, tax advisors, asset managers, family offices, banks, custodians etc.).

Support OAuth-based Single Sign-On (SSO) for seamless integration into organization’s authentication.

Cloud-based or easily deployable with Kubernetes/Docker on-premise.

Bulk processing containers

AES-256 encryption out of the box.

Supports enormous volumes of files and claimants effortlessly.

Provides detailed access controls for internal and external access.

Securities Aggregation API (SecAPI)

Platform allows automatic import of securities portfolios through wide range of methods.

Years of experience with integrating wide spectrum of native APIs, reverse engineered APIs, CSV/Excel imports, PDF parsing, robotic process automation.

Parses and validates PDF attachment documents, automatically reconstructs transaction history.

Securities Database (SecDB)

Contains detailed historical dividend data from 10,000+ international companies, including related tax data.

Contains detailed data about 3000+ depositary receipts.

Enables inconsistency and fraud detection through cross-validation with dividend data.

Divizend provides a solid foundation, perfectly suited to your requirements.

Now let’s plug in MiKaDiv.

Our strong relations with the German Federal Tax Office

Active member of the BZSt’s MiKaDiv working group

Divizend GmbH is a software vendor approved by the BZSt for FSAK / MiKaDiv submissions via ELMA5

Divizend is German-speaking in both management and software development

In-depth experience through being the market leader in digital German withholding tax reclaim submissions (KaFE) in bulk via BZSt Online Portal (BOP)

Connecting the dots
Divizend as center point of MiKaDiv submissions

Illustration of Divizend as the data gateway for MiKaDiv data procurement and reporting.

Divizend in practice
Data consolidation as easy as never before

A mock-up of Divizend's MiKaDiv platform.

Clear presentation of the data records still to be procured, uploadable e.g. as Excel, CSV, PDF or via API

Data is stored in stricly segregated AES-256-encrypted data containers

All stakeholders involved in data procurement (internal and external) receive access to the same dashboard

Final submission with just one click

All feedback from the BZSt MiKaDiv/ELMA5 API at a glance

MiKaDiv within the Divizend platform
Your benefits

Several years of experience

with international investment taxation across a highly diverse spectrum of customers.

Browser-based dashboard access

to MiKaDiv submissions with detailed access controls for all internal and external stakeholders


data upload, submission and status tracking.

Storage of customer data

in strictly segregated, secure data containers, encrypted with the industry standard AES-256

Detailed access log

for logging every read and write action within a container

Input data format

is highly customizable and can be adjusted perfectly to the format the client can provide

What makes Divizend uniquely suitable to be your MiKaDiv implementation provider?

We think holistically.

Everyone involved will use the same platform. Hyper-personalized. Future-proof. Onboarding of external data providers fast and free of charge. Guaranteed support for FASTER and any other potential future MiKaDiv-like regulations from other countries than Germany.

We are nerds in both tech and tax.

We already fixed global withholding tax refunds for everyone, from grandma to multi-billion dollar funds. Thousands of users as well as some of the world's largest financial institutions love us. Now let’s tackle MiKaDiv.

We focus on business logic.

Your typical Big 4 management consultancy would just start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. You want to avoid that nightmare. In contrast, we already have a browser- and cloud-based platform with excellent user experience running. MiKaDiv is just another module.

We are both German and international.

Don’t even bother communicating with the BZSt if you’re not German. At the same time, our platform is fully internationalized. Best in-class user experience, no matter whether you speak German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

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